Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mvvm Resources

Here is a great list of Mvvm (Model, View, View-Model pattern) resources:

  1. Josh Smith's MSDN article on MVVM (Good introduction of Mvvm)
  2. Karl Schifflett's Begining to Explore WPF's MVVM and another validation demo, and one more, from Karl (good demo of validation and presentation of validation errors)
  3. Dan Crevier's Data-Model, View, View-Model series (nice explanation and demo of commands)
  4. Josh Smith's Using Tree View with Mvvm (and easy searching code)
  5. Josh Smith's Controlling focus from a view-model
  6. Josh Smith & Karl Schifflett Creating an Internationalised Wizard
  7. Karl Schifflett's BBQ Shack Demo Application (Excellent demo of what I would call a "marshalled" navigation strategy, and also Windows ALT-TAB style task switching).
  8. Another Josh Smith Article on Testing where the subject under test uses a Dispatch Timer.

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