Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why do I have to clean up Google's data corruption problems?

Today logging into my blogger and gmail account I see I am told there is a problem with my account.  In fact, Google has somehow managed to create duplicate accounts for me.

I've been using Google products and Apps since 2004, during this whole time I've always used the same email address that belongs to my domain. So, somehow along the way Google's software has created duplicate accounts for me, one for Apps and one "personal" account.  Its ok, though, Google has created a wizard to transfer the data across. But unfortunately, the Google products I'm using are not supported by the tool. Fantastic. It gets better. Its only suggestion from here is to manually move my data from one place to another. Thanks Google.

There is another alternative, create a NEW gmail account and move my "personal" products to a new gmail account. What the hell?! Why? I don't want two accounts. I don't care about your internal politics, I just want to log in with my one and only email address and use my blog, gmail, or anything else.

That said there is no choice, I have to create a new personal gmail account. Done. Now, blogger won't allow me to log in with my primary email address, only the gmail one. HOW THE HELL IS THIS BETTER FOR ME!

Time to look into Office 365.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Unity Snippets

MSDN Article Introducing Unity

Policy Injection and Interception with Unity (Ent Lib 5 April 2010)

MSDN Article April 2011 Policy Injection with Unity

Usage scenarios for Interception and limitations and trade-offs

A good article on domain driven design (DDD)

I read a good article on DDD the other day, and its worth keeping a reference to it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Legacy Test Driven Development Checklist

I'm currently reading Michael Feathers book: Working Effectively With Legacy Code, and I highly recommend it. In the chapter on TDD and he gave, what I think is a great check list.

0) Yes that's right, step zero. Get the class under test.
1) Write a failing test.
2) Get it to compile.
3) Make it pass.
4) Remove duplication.
5) Repeat.

If managers are asking for estimates be sure to include time for step zero. Easier said than done I know, but you have to sell them on the concept of investing in preventative maintenance. Changing the oil and tuning your car doesn't help you get from A to B, but it will make it cheaper in the long run.

Work With Legacy Code by Michael C Feathers