Saturday, July 23, 2011

A good article on domain driven design (DDD)

I read a good article on DDD the other day, and its worth keeping a reference to it.


  1. Hi,

    Have you seen Ayende (Oren Eini) reviewing this sample on his blog:

    It seems he doesn't have quite same opinions with you :)

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I'm happy with others having their own opinions ;-)
    Yes, I did see Ayende's post after this, and as you would expect he has approached it from a code review perspective. And yes, he is absolutely correct about all his code concerns.

    However, I am less concerned with code implementation and more concerned with architecture patterns, and despite the bad code I still think the pattern has merit. I believe its always better to understand how other people approach tasks like this even if there's clear holes. By understanding , you've just learnt something or reinforced you own already established ideas. It gives you more options next time you are designing your next application.

    I don't think Cesar intended this to be a copy and paste template where you fill in the blanks. Obviously you don't design an architecture without a problem domain.


  3. Also worth noting Cesar has posted a v2 directly to address Ayende's concerns.