Sunday, May 6, 2012

Version 1.0.16 of Type Visualiser

A new version of Type Visualiser is available. See the Type Visualiser page for download details.

I've added a new mulit-document interface using tabs to allow many diagrams to be open at once.  I found this is need when using the tool for any serious discovery of unfamilar code.

Unlike the standard WPF tab control I have written my own to ensure individual tabs are kept in memory for fast switching between tabs.  This will consume memory the more tabs you open, but waiting between tab switch didn't feel like a good user experience.  As types are loaded they are also stored in a global cache to prevent analysing the same type twice even for different diagrams.  

I'm currently looking at changing the way I've implemented zooming, panning and centreing to a far better approach. This will allow for animations when zooming and for infinite canvas size that expands when diagrams push the boundaries of the diagram.


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