Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Diagramming tools

Here's a quick list of simple and cool diagramming tools:

  • Yuml Class Diagrams. 
    Text based class diagrams.  The syntax can be a little awkward, but works well when you get your head around the syntax.

  • Web Sequence Diagrams
    Text based sequence diagramming web tool. Type some puesdo-code and the sequence diagram is drawn based on your text.

  • Gliffy free form diagrams.
    WYSIWYG style free form diagram tool.  Has templates for Sequence diagrams and others.  Pretty nice tool

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    1. Ben,

      Lucidchart also has a great wireframing tool. We support hotspot/state change technology which lets you mimic intra site navigation, drop downs, etc. Check it out!