Monday, April 18, 2016

Data Binding - The Awesome Sauce lavished onto Xamarin Forms

There are some great resources around introducing Data Binding for Xamarin Forms.  Here are some great posts I've come across that are worth reading and bookmarking.

For some background on getting started with Xamarin Forms. Check out the Xamarin guide here:

Xamarin have a solid section that gives a good start into learning XAML and Data Binding here:
Its definitely worth reading through all six sections.
Part 1. Getting Started with XAML
Part 2. Essential XAML Syntax
Part 3. XAML Markup Extensions
Part 4. Data Binding Basics
Part 5. From Data Binding to MVVM
Part 6. Compiling XAML

Data Binding Controls to each other to prevent/reduce writing code-behind.

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