Sunday, April 3, 2016

Microsoft announces new licencing for Xamarin!

Since Microsoft bought Xamarin and the deal was officially signed and closed about two weeks ago, Microsoft have announced their intentions to open source and make Xamarin free.

Visual Studio Community edition (the free edition) will also have access but not to all features.
This will include:

  • Xamarin Studio (Mac and Windows version)
  • Xamarin Platform for iOS, Android and Windows, for small teams and non-Enterprise organisations.  Enterprise is defined as organisations earning more then one million US Dollars per annum.
  • Check out this blog from
Writing an App for any platform using Xamarin is now totally open source!

Check out the actual //Build 2016 announcement by Scott Guthrie:

Test Cloud will continue to be a paid product with several tiers although Enterprise MSDN subscribers will get a 25% discount.

Xamarin Insights will merge with Microsoft's HockeyApp over time.  Right now Insights has features that Hockey does not yet support.

Some level of Xamarin University will be included for MSDN Professional and Enterprise subscribers, although this isn't clear yet.

Check out for latest details.

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